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A shell in the forest

Taking your 5 senses in a journey - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The pavilion is designed to provide potential customers with a complete sensory experience of the forest and their future home, with visual, audio, olfactory, tactile, real, and/or virtual features. Visitors can discover the beauty and complexity of nature, as well as the
richness of biodiversity. The pavilion is a true invitation to explore and appreciate the surrounding landscape.
In an intuitive way, we all call upon our sensory experiences to memorize what we perceive and each one favors certain senses over others, generally without even realizing it.

The exterior of the pavilion is characterized by curved walls and a circular shape, which give it a light and discreet appeal. The exterior walls are fitted with white vertical metal cladding, which recalls the verticality of the surrounding tree trunks and creates, through dynamic implementation, a sophisticated effect of movement and transparency. With its respectful proportions and human-scale dimensions, the pavilion rises discreetly above the ground to provide a panoramic view of the surroundings.

Inside, visitors are welcomed into a sober and uncluttered area, lit by natural light before diving into an increasingly dark and immersive space. They are invited to follow a spiral path that leads through a series of installations and interactive exhibits. The curved walls
create a tunnel effect, which aims to direct visitors in a three-dimensional space in an intuitive way to the different points of interest. The innovative design of the pavilion is intended to engage visitors with immersive experiences, allowing them to travel between the virtual and the real.

The constant interplay between the digital and the physical is manifested in the use of identical materials, furnishings, and colors between the 3D model and the interior design. At the sensory level, sight and touch will be the most called upon. The installations include video projections, sound effects, and interactive features. As visitors travel through the pavilion, they will discover new environments and experiences, which will carry them through the past, present, and future of their prospective home.