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Gëlle Fra

Redevelopment of Place de la Constitution - Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Our approach for this concept is based on the strong belief that the “project” already exists, embodied by the Bastion overlooking the natural Petrusse valley, all dominated by the aerial and golden figure of the Gëlle Fra, historical monument for the city of Luxembourg. Our objective is to artfully showcase this remarkable site and make it fully accessible, functional, and comfortable for the residents and visitors.

Our main goal was to connect the square to the hyper-center and integrate it into the existing network of squares and spaces. This involves enhancing permeability, adopting a shared language for public spaces through the use of identical materials as the center, and exploring new functions and possibilities for the dynamic Place de la Constitution.

Furthermore, we aspired to create an inviting environment that encourages spontaneous actions by future users, transforming the square into a versatile and democratic platform. Envisioned as a genuine open-air “performance venue,” the square is designed to efficiently and comfortably host a wide array of events, supported by a flexible layout accommodating multiple ground-level uses with minimal fixed furniture. The strategic use of patterning further ensures the organized and structured presentation of events, maintaining a consistent scenography regardless of the purpose.

In our approach to urban development, we strived to foster social exchange and diverse activities by integrating all functions, featuring a compact and versatile pavilion that encourages a constructive dialogue between adjacent plots and the vibrant Place de la Constitution, while also highlighting the Monument du Souvenir with a scenographic design that reflects the site’s rich heritage through a subtle play of bronze motifs on the ground.

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