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Campus Paul Wurth

Paul Wurth Headquarters - Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

The winning entry for Paul Wurth’s new Headquarters redefines the industrial heritage of Luxembourg’s
premier engineering enterprise with a radically dynamic scheme that is the first of its kind in the country.

The HQ sits at the western edge of Hollerich in Luxembourg’s densest urban district within walking distance
of the country’s central railway station. Its redevelopment is part of a 1.7-hectare scheme to consolidate
the company’s activities, reactivate its heritage and forge lasting connections with the neighborhood.

Open all hours

The project is characterized by a desire to provide infrastructure not just for the company but for the
wider community. This means the parking would become accessible to the public after 6 pm; the auditorium
transformed into a concert hall; the open public areas used as gathering spaces by the neighborhood
after hours.
This is the first project of its kind in Luxembourg and required adjustments to the existing urban development
plan (PAP) explains Shahram Agaajani, our Founding Partner.

“We reworked the building volumes, the proportions of the courtyard and the flow of traffic on the site to create a new complex that could relate to the existing and the rest of the neighborhood.”
Shahram Agaajani Founding Partner, Metaform

Community spirit

A new public square is central to the design, which acts as a meeting place for internal staff and the community.
It is an open inner courtyard that is punctured with new pathways to improve the porosity of the district.

It contains integrated terraces that follow the topography of the site, which forms steps and seating options.
The scheme also creates private spaces, forecourts and an enlarged plaza that reaches the frontage
of neighboring façades. The overarching idea was to create links between the population of all ages.

Tower trifecta

A landmark 11-storey tower occupies the south-easterly corner of the site that is split into three distinct
sections in order to rediscover the scale of the pedestrian, the street and the city. The first floors form a
plinth of commercial surfaces that enhances the human scale while the middle five-story office section
addresses the scale of the street and planned future developments. The last four floors activate the idea
of an ‘urban boulevard’, creating panoramic views, desired density and a new vision for the human-
street-district template. Occupants of each ‘building tier’ have direct access to recreational green
space and vegetated terraces overlooking the square.

The heritage-listed old hall has been rehabilitated to accommodate the restaurant and InCub – a
start-up incubator for innovators in the Industrial Technologies sector. In parallel, two new halls have
been built in the same architectural style and proportion. These structures contain the auditorium, boutiques
and commercial galleries while the existing director’s house is reserved exclusively for Geprolux.
There are 181 parking spaces underground that are accessible from a single ramp.

“This is the future of HQs in the middle of cities. They are able to take part in the life of the area they inhabit and that can be accessible all the time to everybody.””
Shahram Agaajani

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