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Dynamic origami

Boos Beach Club Restaurant - Bridel, Luxembourg

The new part, interwoven around the existing house, is inspired by the Japanese art of origami. It resembles a folded sheet of paper that answers to the program requirements, while creating a relation with the old and opening up to the natural surroundings.

In place of the old bar/restaurant BOOS Beach Club, modern and contemporary architecture, tightly linked to its context, reflects the new image of this iconic venue in Luxembourg.

Our idea was to integrate harmoniously the new structure into the existing natural context, while at the same time paying respect to the existing architecture by placing a light wooden structure with glass openings towards the landscape.

The dynamic design enables orienting the bar and eating areas towards the outside, guiding the views to the tall tree stalks. By leaning on the existing house, and due to its triangular form, the self-supporting rigid roof requires very few peripheral structural points. The motivation to choose this lightweight and easily removable roof system leaves space and possibility to the idea of possible future change, if needed.

The main access is situated in the front of the existing house reestablishing in that way the original function distribution. The outdoor areas have been rethought and refurbished. The lateral outdoor terrace was partly removed and replaced by a white sand beach. The back terrace, however, has been optimized and modified to achieve a stronger connection with the whole.

The project also includes the refurbished kitchen and eating area, both located on the ground floor of the existing house. Under the new triangulated structure, smoking area together with the fireplace and a small dining area, introduce spatially the main zone of more than 200 m2, dedicated to the dance floor around the monumental bar.

To preserve ”Beach club” identity of the place, the new structure consists of raw materials: burned wood, polished concrete floor, raw steel, terrace in wood and white sand. All these together create the desired character both inside and outside.

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