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HQ with a view

KFAS - Kuwait City, Kuwait

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The new KFAS Headquarters

The success of a district hinges on the collective comfort and affinity that individuals feel toward the area. Crucial elements such as architectural excellence, diversity, high-quality retail and dining options, security measures, and environmental considerations in public spaces (including factors like sunlight, natural light, and wind flow) play pivotal roles. The optimization of these components stands as the cornerstone for fostering not only economic prosperity but also social well-being, ensuring the overall success and development of the district.

Urban Design

The transitional area linking the upcoming KFAS Headquarters and the Conference Center is designed as a communal zone predominantly catering to pedestrians. Here, a unique architectural element, referred to as a ‘geometric cloud,’ will cast shade, mirroring the geometric intricacies found in the facades of the new KFAS buildings. To enhance the pedestrian experience further, lush greenery will be strategically planted along the pathway. This not only serves as a natural sun shield but also creates a serene and comfortable environment for those traversing the space.

The new KFAS Headquarters

The forthcoming KFAS Headquarters is designed to provide unparalleled flexibility for both its employees and visitors, fostering a collaborative environment and ensuring adaptability to the evolving needs of the client in the future. The ground floor’s intuitive and easily accessible layout is meticulously designed to welcome everyone with an open and generous ambiance, reinforcing the sense of hospitality that defines KFAS.

The first three floors serve a common purpose with a welcoming lobby, startup offices, and conference rooms. The lower panorama level is a green public space. The office tower offers a mix of enclosed and open workspaces, along with shared settings, adding value for staff and guests.

The Conference Center

Crafting a distinctive and iconic structure, the ground floor is designed to open outward, expanding the public space both within and around the building, toward the sea. Transparency is a key design element, enhancing comfort and creating a welcoming environment for all.

The final shape is meticulously fine-tuned based on sun trajectory and views, fostering a harmonious connection with the Headquarters and shared space. A distinctive feature, the hanging garden is ingeniously incorporated into the cantilever, offering both comfort and a picturesque view. Wrapped in a protective skin mirroring the Headquarters’ facade, the Conference Center, in contrast, adopts a more closed and substantial appearance to suit its functional needs. This results in a distinct geometric treatment of the facade panels with smaller openings, ensuring a balance between view, light, and a bold, iconic landmark aesthetic.

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