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Ingenious espresso cup enriching your daily grind - @ Ateliers Kraizbierg

Möbino is the outcome of a rewarding collaboration between community and technology, which unites design and craftsmanship in the heart of Luxembourg. Inspired by Metaform Architects’ Luxembourg pavilion at the World Expo in Dubai 2020, Möbino takes the shape of a Möbius strip – a single twisted surface that symbolizes infinity.

“Metaform’s main intention with this project is to highlight the honorable activity at Kräizbierg, an inclusive approach for people living with disabilities whilst focusing on social belonging.”
Shahram Agaajani Founding Partner, Metaform

Each piece is formed, crafted and glazed by hand at Ateliers Kräizbierg “SIS”, a cooperative society with eight different workshops that provide new skills and opportunities for people with disabilities. In order to further support their ambitions, all the proceeds of the Möbino will go to the Kräizbierg Foundation.



“It is important to mention their motivation and high competence supporting them through their daily encounters. This is about much more than a cup…”
Shahram Agaajani Founding Partner, Metaform

From 3D printed prototypes to ceramic moulds, Möbino is the outcome of many hours of research, tests and discussions, resulting in a creatively curvaceous cup that is both functional and timeless.




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We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.



Möbino is available for purchase exclusively from Ateliers Kräizbierg:

Stéphanie Monteiro
T: +352 52 43 52 323


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