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Hiding in the forest

Rhythm in nature - Larochette, Luxembourg

The project is situated in the middle of the Larochette Park, which occupies the heart of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This extraordinary position was used as a starting point of the project.

The idea was to orientate the building in such a way so it would encourage visitors to discover the natural surroundings. Set in the forest, the youth centre is separating the park from the communal road.

Our idea was to interweave the building and the nature in order to create a harmony between the two. To achieve this, we played with the clean volumes covered with the larch cladding.

The dialogue between the inside and the outside is reciprocal. The large windows add particular rhythm to the facades from the outside. From the inside, they do not only permit natural light, but act as a view frame that in certain manner bring the nature to the inside.

Square Mile