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Aqua fanatic

nature enclosed - Niederanven, Luxembourg

The house is positioned on a very steep terrain, on one side facing the street, with strict building regulations regarding the maximum height, and on the other side surrounded by nature and facing the valley.

This feature of the context reflected the architecture most directly and led to the horizontal functional separation of the whole: ground floor and first floor – the only perceivable from the street – would accommodate the living zone, while 2 sunken floors would contain leisure and night zone, while at the same time being completely open to the valley from 3 sides.

One enters the house laterally, via contrasting metal suspended walkway, hanging above the ground. Front façade closes up towards the street, to block unwanted views and noise, while the back façade opens up entirely towards the nature and the view, and enjoys peace and privacy.

Ground floor features entrance zone, a living room and a kitchen, while the 1st floor includes another living room, with the dining in-between the two floors, encompassing the double floor height.

A special feature entails a large aquarium, for a real fish-enthusiast client, vis-à-vis the kitchen. The accessibility and maintenance of the aquarium are foreseen from the 1st floor back-stage.

The 1st underground floor accommodates the night zone, including 3 bedrooms for the family and additional study/guest room, together with additional small common play space. The 2nd underground floor features the indoor swimming pool, with entirely glazed façade opening towards the back garden and the view.

HQ with a view