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Dancing with the light

Temporary Pavilion Esch - Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg,

# Award Winner

On the occasion of its centenary, the City of Esch-sur-Alzette decided to redevelop the banks of the river Dippach, a small stream running along a cycling path, by building five theme pavilions in a park. The temporary pavilion entitled “Building Economy,” is characterized by a simple volume on stilts overlooking the cycling path and the river.

The ephemeral character is emphasized by the light construction. The chalet can completely be taken apart and can easily be set up on another site.

The chalet can completely be taken apart and can easily be set up on another site. The volume consists of very thin frames that are wrapped with a translucent membrane. These gantries made of flat steel sheets (20 x 200mm thick) are interconnected by round tubes. These provide the longitudinal stiffness while their own geometry reproduces the transversal constraints.

“Fostering the ephemeral character with a light construction.”
Shahram Agaajani Founding Partner, Architect

They are screwed to a platform, which is formed by two parallel longitudinal HEA 300. Delicate steel columns support this entire structure using different inclinations to absorb the loads (wind, its own weight, etc.). These columns imitate the trunks of trees around the pavilion. The pavilion is accessible via an anti-skid ramp.

The inside of the pavilion is laid out with a solid wood floor to contrast the steel benches and features a technical block made from the same timber. The membrane protecting the interior of the pavilion is span around the steel gantry and fixed by a system of nylon cords and steel at the bottom. By day, the membrane lets in a diffuse and dim light, whereas in the evening the pavilion lights up.

Building with steel has allowed us to use extremely thin columns and porticos and an extremely light structure and at the same time to maintain the necessary rigidity. The ease of assembly of the steel components and the rapid implementation are arguments that made steel an essential material for this project.

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