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The Velodrome project is inspired by the surrounding landscape with its slightly undulating topography to create a strong architectural element. The building is characterised by the sculptural volume of the Velodrome, which gives the impression of hovering over a small hill. This volume is architecturally magnified by its shape and light colour. It is visible from the motorway to “mark” the place and creates the identity of this unique sports infrastructure for Luxembourg.

As you approach the building, the glass roof of the swimming pool emerges from the ground at second glance. The treatment of the entrances gives the impression of going underground.
The functions requiring less natural light are all “buried”, reducing the visual impact of the building.

The public is welcomed by landscaping that emphasises the “natural” side of the project with a very gentle topographical treatment. A discreet blanket covers the whole project and favours the extension of the existing natural environment by preserving as much as possible the very rich biotope of the site.

This huge garden, which is not accessible, is laid out with structuring plants such as grasses, tall grasses or even native plants and shrubs. This huge garden, which is not accessible, is laid out with structuring plants such as grasses, tall grasses and indigenous plants and shrubs and requires little maintenance (1 or 2 pruning per year). The green roof is part of the general concept of rainwater management and considerably reduces the size of the retention basins.

The extension of the existing rural road and the addition of a loop circuit around the complex provide marked cycling and walking routes. Thus, local residents, visitors, students and employees of the centre can enjoy this infrastructure with children’s playgrounds, outdoor sports areas and rest areas.

In the future development of the site, extensions to the pedestrian and cycle paths to the route de Remich and the rue Alphonse Diederich will complete the soft mobility concept for local residents, employees and students. The primary aim of the project is to ensure easy accessibility and inter-neighbourhood links in harmony with the natural environment of the site.

The circular economy is one of the government’s priorities. It is applied at all levels of the project. The specific potential of the national market is also taken into account.
The principle of the circular economy is taken into account in the architectural concept and the selection of suitable and non-compound building materials, in the management of the construction site and waste, in the use and management of resources during the years of operation of the sports complex and even in the dismantling and reuse of certain elements after the dismantling of the building.

The use of simple and not recomposed materials will be favoured, and particular attention will be paid to the assembly of the different elements (both structural and furniture). Glues and other chemical products are replaced by mechanical assemblies in order to guarantee a second life for the materials. Standard dimensions are also emphasised to facilitate the reuse of these in other works.


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